Imaging a newly installed PC

By jc23f
Jun 17, 2007
  1. Hi, I have just assembled a new PC, installed OS, all the required software (Office, AV, Anti-Spy, etc), I'd like to make an image of my current PC software state. What's a good program that can do it? so that in the future when the PC starts to crash due to OS aging, or viruses, I can quickly restore it back to its current fresh state.

    I used to use Ghost, however, ghost only works in DOS with FAT32 partitions. However my new PC only have NTFS partitions, so when I boot it into DOS, I can't read any NTFS partition.

    Can someone please suggest a good program (Windows/DOS) that can be used to create partition image, and restore from DOS or boot if required (when normal OS Windows is corrupted and no longer working). thanks!
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