Impossible Motherboard

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Feb 22, 2006
  1. Hi there, I think I'm trying to find an impossible motherboard. I've done a pretty decent search and can't seem to find a motherbaord that will work with a Pentium D 930 processor and just plan old DDR 400 RAM. If it had GB lan I'd be pretty impressed.

    Does such a motherboard exist?
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  4. TerrySpanks

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    Thanks mate. Thats great. Now I just have to chase one down.

    I also found an AsRock one here:

    Doesn't have the GB lan like the ASUS but if I can't get that ASUS board in Australia I'll have to go the AsRock.

    Cheers and thanks so much for your help.
  5. hewybo

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    No prob

    Glad to help. If you can't round up that ASUS down there, I understand that they (ASUS) actually make the asRock, so- should be OK.

    asROCK ON!!
    Welcome to Tech Spot!! :giddy: :wave: :bounce:
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    Ahh cool. I hadn't heard much about the AsRock brand so wasn't too confident. Hearing it an ASUS based board makes me a little more comfortable using them.

    I found another here:
    Funny thing is it says it supports the Pentium D - 9xx CPUs but not the Pentium D - 8xx CPUs. This is only from bios version 6 but available for download is only up to version 5. All seems a bit suspicious over there at Gigabyte. It doesn't instil much confidence as a purchaser looking for information. I like to think I know a bit, but even I'd be afraid to go near that Amtrack.
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    don't ask me

    I have never owned a Gigabyte board. I have, however, heard that they can be finicky, and that a lot of people don't like 'em. Like I say, don't take my word on that, cuz I've never used one. If it was my choice, I'd pick the asRock.

    I've heard that asRock are good overclockers, too, but I've never OC'd, so I can't speak to that, either. :angel:
  8. TerrySpanks

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    That has been mostly my feeling as well. It is a gigabyte board I am replacing.

    Thanks so much for your comments. This board has been more helpful than most resources I have used.
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    I agree!

    Yah- this board has taken me from BIOS flash phobia to building two systems from scratch in a very short period of time. Some very good people, and some very good advice. I spend a lot of time here.

    Only one piece of advice- we Pentium fans are a DISTINCT minority! :hotbounce :cool: We'll have to stick together!
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    Yea to bad they are going to stop the Pentium name.... :dead:
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