In Game Massive Fps Drop [HELP!!!]

By nosebleedXD
Sep 30, 2007
  1. ok when i first got my computer built and everything, my computer was running smoothly and everything.

    A year later i reformatted my computer and ever since then ( i think ) my fps has been dropping insanely in games.

    Also one time i couldn't recieve an ip address with my router and rogers told me to call linksys. So then i did and they told me to do something with mac clone address and dhcp or something renew and then my internet was working again.

    I'm not quite sure but one of these things have been messing with my computer.

    So after i reformatted i've installed the lastest drivers and etc for my video card and everything and still i recieve fps drop in games.

    For example: In cs I'm hitting constant 100 from looking at the net_graph 3. Then at a point my fps will just drop to 50 or lower and rise back up. Then it keeps doing that every minute or so. Its not just for cs..

    Computer Specs:
    Windows Xp SP2
    Intel Pedium D 2.66ghz
    1.00gb of ram
    250gb hard drive
    ATI Radeon X1600 PRO 512mb

    So thats pretty much it so if you could help me fix this problem that would be awesome or you need more info about my computer and such please let me know

  2. TimeParadoX

    TimeParadoX TS Rookie Posts: 2,273

    Did you scan for any possible viruses / spyware you might have on your computer?

    Also press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and see if you have a really high CPU Usage, that would cause slowdowns...

    Do you run any programs in the background not nessecary like MSN or AIM?
  3. nosebleedXD

    nosebleedXD TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 233

    yes i have scanned several times, nothing. Plus i reformatted my computer twice. And In game for cs, i have around 40 - 50 percent cpu usage. ANd i dont think msn is the problem, i've tried with or without it. If you need any more info about my computer or whatever please tell me. Would my computer be over heating?
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