In need of good PC game!

By Bladefall · 15 replies
Mar 17, 2002
  1. Hi guys. I've been playing Counter-Strike for to long now, I need a new game. I've been tempted to buy Unreal Tournament or Tribes 2, but decided to wait. Preferably i'd like an FPS, but RPGs are fine to. Thanks guys
  2. poertner_1274

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    The search feature is your friend
    There have been quite a few discussions about some great games that have come out recently. Try looking around and searching for one you like and reading the opinions on it :)

    :wave: :wave:Welcome to 3D Spotlight :wave: :wave:
  3. Arris

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    Developed by Barking Dog who helped with Counter-strike.
    Check it out. Team based play with some interesting new features.

    Medal Of Honor:Allied Assault
    If you have played this through in single player then I recommend this if you have a semi-decent graphics card. Its a stunning game. The weapon sounds alone are amazing.

    Check out this thread on Upcoming FPS games
    Also this Game of the year thread where members discuss what games they rate highly. ;)
  4. boeingfixer

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    I would agree with Arris, If you wanna try something alittle different try Return to Wolfenstein or Medal of Honor. These are FPS's but stray away from the cartoonish FPS's. I like Half Life and UT but I like the different look and feel of both these games. They both have demo's you can try out.
  5. uncleel

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    I guess Pokémon is out of the question?!
  6. poertner_1274

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    L :haha: L

    Unless of course you are one of our younger browsers out there, then it might be a good one :)

    But for the majority I will have to say probably not.
  7. uncleel

    uncleel TS Rookie Posts: 980

  8. Svoboda

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    Global Operations was mentioned by Arris, and man is it a sweet game! However, you mention that you play CS a lot, and this game is like CS in many ways (also improved in many ways). So if you are looking for a new version of CS dowload the mulitplayer demo of Global Ops.

    Also, have you ever played Serious Sam or No One Lives Forever? NOLF can probably found for cheap now, and it is a GREAT, underrated game. Serious Sam:Second Edition just came out, and it is supposed to offer even more action than the original, with hundreds of baddies on the screen at once, and even better graphics.
  9. Ai Hate

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    i like my Pokemons! :D
  10. poertner_1274

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    Then you are one of the exceptions ;)
  11. Arris

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    Pika? :confused:
  12. meNOname

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    get guild wars!!!
    long as your computer isnt a piece of junk it can play it
    and its free....freeeeeeeeeeeeee
  13. LNCPapa

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    4 year old thread - I'm sure this guy has moved on by now :)
  14. darkstuarez

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    hey, if ya like Mmorpgs, Try out GuildWars, it's F2P(free to play). Mucho fun!

    EDIT: HAHA, i just saw how old this is.
  15. PaulWuzHere

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    omg... this is REALLY OLD! This was made when i was in the 6th grade.... wow... Unreal Tournament... Serious Sam.... Return to Wolfenstein... wow... this is a realic.
  16. Shizat

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    Well, you may not care enough now, since your post is like 4 years old, but the rest of you may. Our website is "on the come up" and we are hosting 5 game servers now and working on more.

    The servers we have now are UT, CZERO, CSS, GTA:SA, and HL
    For those of you who are acronomically (not a word?) challeneged thats
    Unreal Tournament, Condition Zero, Counter Strike: Source, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (MP), and Half-Life....

    You can visit our website at and register for maximum benefits.

    All of our game servers have their own subdomain name soe it's easy for you to remember our servers. For instance, if you're into CSS, all you need to remember is:
    and you can connect to that instead of an IP...

    And as we always say...

    Have Fun And Watch Your *****!!!
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