In need of Help Choosing: 6600 vs 9800 pro or any others for same sort of price

By Fu5ion
Dec 27, 2004
  1. Hi there,
    I have been looking at graphics cards for a while now and im a bit confused:
    i want to spend around 150pounds. I am based in the uk. I have been looking at the 9800 pro and the new 6600. I know the 9800 pro is an old card now but i would like to know how it compares to the 6600. For example when playing games such as HL2 and CS Source what are the difference in fps e.t.c.

    PS. IF there are any other cards for the same sort of price or are better please state.
    Many thanks for all replies :slurp:
  2. Lostfaith

    Lostfaith TS Rookie Posts: 19

    search the review you like:

    (internet's most overlooked feature) google <6600 gt 9800 review>

    6600 GT AGP beats all last gen cards.

    mind cooling though, some brands of the 6600gt's have overheating problem because of inadequate coling setups, but nevertheless, it almost challenges the 6800NU and has all the new good features (especially WM10's HDTV media acceleration a must for home theater pc's)
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