Incomplete Quicktime Removal Leads to Slow Hard Drive Access

By chemlab78
Oct 16, 2005
  1. I think it was Quicktime. I admit it, I performed a half-a** removal of Quicktime when I couldn't find an uninstaller through Add/Remove Programs.

    Afterwards -- and I know others have had similar symptoms, but none of those remedies have worked for me -- here's what happens:

    1) It takes forever for the icons to appear.
    2) When I click ONCE on an icon, it highlights right away. However, when I try to run the actual program, it takes forever (by which I mean, about 5 full minutes, and sometimes more).
    3) When I try to run the file Explorer, it takes just as long for the folders and files to appear.
    4) I've defragged, deleted temp files, optimized the drive; I removed Norton systemworks and Ad-Aware, and am working from brand new, manually invoked copies of other programs.
    5) There's no virus, no spyware, no malware on the system. I've checked using various programs.
    6) I limited startup files to the minimum. I've used service.msc to turn off a whole bunch of stuff.

    It really seems as if, when I try to run certain commands that require hard drive access, that's when the problem surfaces. Once within Internet Explorer, for instance, I can visit various websites (not all but most) with no unusual delay. But after I put my cursor over the "e" on the quicklaunch bar, it takes a while for the "e" to appear depressed; and once I click on it, it takes, again, a while for Internet Explorer to appear.

    This all started, as I began, when I tried to delete Quicktime. I thought something might have been wrong with Quicktime, so I tried to reinstall it. But Quicktime wouldn't let me reinstall it, so I thought to myself, Let's uninstall it; but I couldn't find a way to do that, so I started directories and files associated with Quicktime (I know, that wasn't so smart). Which is why I'm guessing that maybe, whenever I click on something, the computer is trying to access some Quicktime-related file repeatedly, until eventually I manage to have the OS released to me again and I eventually reach the file I was looking for.

    Any ideas? I'm proposing to copy the Quicktime installer on one computer, then copy that to my desktop (with the problem on it), and then go ahead with my original plan to reinstall Quicktime.

    But any other thoughts or advice would help. (Like I said, the problem occurred right after I fiddled with uninstalling Quicktime; until that moment, the desktop was working fine.)

    Hey, thanks, people, in advance!!!

  2. meatologist

    meatologist TS Rookie Posts: 134

    created another login account and then log in with it. see if problems persist.

    if they do - then I would suggest running a System Restore to when you uninstalled(bodged) Quicktime.

    If you still dont have an uninstall utility for Quicktime (after a restore) download the latest version from the Quicktime website, install it and THEN uninstall as normal.

    If you log in with a different account and you dont have the same problems - then point to the profile of the account that IS having the problem and delete the NTUSER.DAT file.

    In Windows XP - NTUSER.DAT is found in C:\Documents and Settings\*profile*

    Let me know how you get on
  3. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    Click Start/Run, type services.msc
    Look for Indexing Service, STOP it and set startup type to Disabled.
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