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By Julio Franco
Apr 27, 2004
  1. Masque

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    School Notebooks

    Michigan's doing the same thing next year for 6th graders. If you ask me, (and most people here) it's the biggest waste of money you could not hope for. These schools need to get back to the basics. Computers at this grade level (or at least carry-home notebooks) aren't going to make a dang bit of difference. Get the kids fluent in the 3 R's and take care of the rest later. This is part of the big pic as far as government money mis-management goes.

    Just my $.02.
  2. BrownPaper

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    having the kids learn to use computers is a plus since they will feel more comfortable with computers and related technologies. however, the computer itself is not a magical elixir that makes learning super easy. the students still need to get their basics of the english language (or other languages if they are going to a multilingual school) and math. you cannot do jack with computers if you cannot read or write.
  3. Didou

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    /me expects a whole generation of script "kiddies"... :dead:
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