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By Julio Franco
Aug 12, 2003
  1. HP launches a total of 158 new products - They say, a new approach for helping computers, printers, digital cameras and other consumer computing gear work together in a manner that is simpler than before.

    Samsung to team on ultrawideband - Samsung and chipmaker Staccato Communications are scheduled to announce plans Tuesday to develop commercially available products using ultrawideband, a wireless rival to Bluetooth.

    High stakes for Transmeta's new chip - Transmeta’s latest chip, the Efficeon, will debut in notebooks later this year, a key element in the struggling company’s comeback attempt.

    Remember Sony's latest PDA announcement? Ok, so they call it a PEO (personal entertainment organizer) but you get the idea. The Clié PEG-UX50 is HOT and PC Mag has a brief review for you.
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