Inernet resets itself every five minuts

By preachjon
Jan 24, 2007
  1. Hello i have a desktop computer, using a Likksys 2.4 ghz ubs wireless card, to connect to the schools wirless network. I am having trouble downloading any thing big. Every tine I do my inernet reconect right in the middle of a download. A pop up boloon in the tray come up and says "wireless network 3 now connect". I messed around with all my conection properties, ip settinge, and stuff, and had it fixed. When I did that after a day the schools clean acess program guit workin. I took my computer to the help desk on on campus they fixed clean acess where i could log on and acess the server, but what ever they did it caused my inernet to start reconnecting again. I asked the help desk to look at it they said all they can only work on clean acess. can any one give me some suggestions on what i can do to get a perminate connection. i stay connected good usually at 54bpms. My freind said you could increase you wirless card properites to recive better signal but he forgot how.

    God bless!
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