Infinite Loading Screen in Fallout 4

Cycloid Torus

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After Steve Walton's great article about Graphics & CPU Performance, I felt I was all set. My Xeon w3550 with 12GB RAM and a GTX 1050 Ti would give me a good playable game.

It has done that.

However, there is an issue - the Infinite Loading Screen (ILS) - enough time to brew a pot of coffee as it laboriously loads next level. Apparently, no one is at all sure why Bethesda is stuck with ILS, but it is. So I thought, "Hey, fella, get an SSD" which might help - only to learn that storage performance had very little to do with ILS. So I spent a couple of nights watching Task Master report on Fallout 4 during loads: tiny amounts of disk access, hang around in about 3GB RAM (small compared to 12GB), and less than 30% usage of my quad core/8 thread >3Ghz CPU. I did discover that when I alt-tab out of the game, the CPU use goes UP!! Sometimes as much as double.

Help me out here. Why does this happen? What can I do to improve it?