Infinite loop fix!

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Sep 14, 2004

    Here we go folks, I've been having this problem for almost a year now with my computer (infinite loop and ati2dvag.dll reboot errors), and tried almost everything my mind could possible think of doing. I've tried every solution on this board, and every other board I could find relating to this file and to the infinite loop, with absolutely no success. I tried every driver package available, bios updates, agp chipset updates, every combination of every setting. I've tried reducing power usage in my computer, I've placed more power in my computer... I've added more fans and created an optimal cooling system in my computer. I made sure there were absolutely no IRQ conflicts, and nothing was using the same IRQ as my video card. I've tried with one stick of ram, with one in 1 and 3. I've tried disabling onboard sound, and putting in a soundblaster card. Nothing... I mean nothing, worked at all.

    Until now! I found a solution, that has worked for me and a bunch of other people who have tested it for me.
    So give it a try, perhaps it will work for you too. My computer has been working 100% since I made this change. There is a chance it could reduce the effeciency of your texture drawing with your video card... but I've tested it with :

    Unreal Tournament 2004
    Rise Of Nations
    Neverwinter Nights
    Doom 3
    Max Payne 2
    Transport Giant
    and a bunch of older games....

    Anyhow, no more wait, give this a shot :

    Right click-mouse over My Computer
    Device Manager(button)
    Click [+] next to System devices
    right-mouse on CPU to AGP Controller (or whatever your controller is called, mine was SiS AGP)
    Update Driver(button)

    Select Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)
    Select Don't search. I will choose the driver to install.
    Select PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge

    Please let me know how this works for you.
    Good luck.
  2. Dustmuffins

    Dustmuffins TS Rookie

    I LOVE YOU... Im not sure if it even works, but theres hope...

    System specs

    2.7 gig processor
    256 DDR ram
    128 MB DDR ATI radeon 9200SE
    Windows SP2

    ill give you an update and im going to spread the word if this works, TY!!! :giddy: :grinthumb
  3. Dustmuffins

    Dustmuffins TS Rookie

    Hmmmmm... didnt work, i have a pci video card, is there anything that I do differently?
  4. hyquality

    hyquality TS Rookie

    Ati2dvag.dll infinite loop and random restarts

    I was hoping someone could help with this. Every time i turn on my computer, right before the cursor appears for the 1st time, i get a BSOD saying "ati2dvag.dll caused an infinite loop". It then restarts and works fine. BUT - whenever playing games or watching DVDs or other random tasks, the computer will freeze completely or just randomly reboot. It happens VERY often, but seemingly random. I have no idea what the problem could be... I've tried several things but nothing works.

    I tried:
    -lowering my AGP to 4x (from 8x)
    -re-installing catalyst drivers several times (after completely uninstalling them)
    -setting BIOS settings to default settings
    -checking heat temperature in the case (all is normal)
    -Lowering hardware acceleration in windows
    -Turning fastwrite to OFF
    -Adjusting screen resolutions

    Motherboard: PC Chips M952 (Via chipset)
    Intel P4 3.0 GHZ
    1 GB PC3200 DDR RAM
    120GB SATA HD
    12x DVD+-RW burner
    Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB AGP
    Sound Blaster Live! XGamer
    DirectX 9.0c
    Catalyst 4.10 drivers
    All latest drivers for everything else
    Windows XP SP2 (just recently upgraded, but the problem happened with SP1 as well)
  5. Dustmuffins

    Dustmuffins TS Rookie

    Try installing omega drivers. they may help.
  6. tAlki

    tAlki TS Rookie


    I was battling black screens (needing lengthy reboots with wasted hours
    and loss of work) about once a day since installing SP2 and was even
    starting to think I should buy a new PC. Your suggestion fixed it

    Thanks a Million!
  7. hillary

    hillary TS Rookie

    Need help please


    Please bear with me cos I am still learning about all of this stuff and still coming to grips with all these terms.

    I have a Radeon 9700 pro. Have many hangs at various stages of boot up and after the desktop has loaded. Only play a few games (Empire Earth, and Total Club Management). Sometimes the system just freezes, sometimes I get a black screen during the boot up, occasionally the blue screen of death, sometimes the screen colours just go all over the place, and sometimes a little white square around the mouse appears and then the pc freezes. But it is always unpredictable as to when it happens and what event caused it.

    Anyway things I have tried
    * reinstalled the latest radeon drivers. (and deleted the old ones).
    *mucked about with the bios and changed the agp aperture a few times.
    * tried cobrakaun's fix. (lasted 3 boots).
    * have taken it to the computer shop (3 times). They only seem to look for the easy fix and charge a fortune)

    So could there be some conflict between the radeon 9700 card and something else?

    The motherboard is Epox. (Oh and the PC was specially built by a friend for me but is o/s and unavilable)

    Really appreciate anyone's advice. Thank you
  8. gacchan

    gacchan TS Rookie

    Thank you

    Hi! I installed sp2 on a sony vaio laptop with a RADEON 9200 graphic card. After the upgrade, the computer didn't boot anymore, and i got the ati2dvag infinite loop error. I tried everything but nothing worked, until i read your post.
    The thing you suggested (PCI to PCI bridge) worked perfectly to me. Thank you very much. :bounce:
  9. player

    player TS Rookie

    I had the same annoying errors regarding infinite loop on ati2dvag.dll. After reading the solution, everything is running smoothly :grinthumb

    Thank you for this.
  10. Emperor Norton

    Emperor Norton TS Rookie

    Farking right on, man.

    I've been tearing my hair out over this one and had given up on trying to find the perfect way to tweak the seating to give me an illusion of stability. I wound up just shelving the card and putting in a generic I had lying around.

    This solution worked like a charm for me. I've had it going for about a week now and haven't had a single infinite loop related issue.
  11. Lostfaith

    Lostfaith TS Rookie Posts: 19

    that's just great!!!

    too bad I got rid of my looping radeon 8500 over 2 years ago....
  12. onlytemporary

    onlytemporary TS Rookie

    I did the pci-to-pci switch because I was having this problem. But now scrolling, etc are extremely slow in firefox. i've uninstalled and reinstalled the radeon driver a couple times now, and it's still the case. am i stuck in pci-to-pci mode? if so, how to go switch back to agp? if not, does anyone know what is causing this extremely slow, jerky scrolling (it's not the hardware acceleration setting because i already had that set to "none" along with disabling write combining).
    also, whenever i put hardware exceleration to none, all of the ATI stuff disappears from the display settings tabs and it's just generic--not sure if that matters.
    would appreciate any help, thanks!
  13. armedalliance

    armedalliance TS Rookie

    Thanks big time for that. I've been having problems in general with Visiontek cards on this computer but that got them working. I ended up changing to the PCI to PCI bridge, but then some of the graphic-dependant apps wouldn't work so I checked the settings again. I found VIA CPU to AGP controller after that and switched to it (I have a chaintech board... (based off VIA chipset) and now everything works perfect. Thanks for helping me out :)
  14. zWarlord

    zWarlord TS Rookie

    Fix worked, but now i have other problems

    I did as was sugested and used the PCI bridge and it fixed my problem of flashing black screens and restart. Unfortunately, now i have another problem:
    When i install the catalyst drivers and do the mandatory restart things work absolutely flawlessly. But the second i restart my conmputer and try to run any game/dvd i get checker board distortion on the screen.(alternating squares of correct visualisation and squares of colored lines) I have to completely erase all of the driver by uninstalling and then hunting around with search to find the remainder. once i re-install from clean like that it works just fine untill i restart again. So goes the cycle. Hey at least i dont loop anymore..... If any one could help with this it would be much apreciated.

    GA-7N400 Pro2 Rev2 Nforce2 Chip Set
    Extacy Radeon 9600XT 256Mb
    AMD Athlon XP 3200+ Barton core
    1Gb Corsair dual channel
  15. chriscastro

    chriscastro TS Rookie

    My Properties doesnt have a hardware tab...
  16. donalhugh

    donalhugh TS Rookie

    Thanks - fixed infinite loop seen when PC was cold

    Like cobrakaun, I was at my wit's end. The problem was that my newly built PC, based on an Asus A8V deluxe revision 2 MOBO and an AMD 64 3200 939 90 nm CPU, ran well only if the room temperature was over 15 C. Colder than that, I got the VPU Recover message. If I disabled VPU, then blue screen which mentioned ati2dvag and an infinite loop. The temperature dependence suggested a hardware problem so I replaced the graphics card (originally ATI, then NVidia and finally back to Radeon 9600 ATI), the MOBO, the PSU, and tried a new HDD and a fresh Windows install. Nothing worked and I was on the point of giving up. Then I tried Windows in Safe Mode and the system now ran well even when cold. This suggested a device and driver loaded when Windows (XP Prof, SP2) ran in full but not safe mode. This brought me to this forum and cobrakaun's post. Did just what he suggested and problem was solved!!! Fantastic relief :) and many thanks to cobrakaun.

    But what on earth might explain the temperature dependence? A problem with the VIA chipset on the MOBO or with the CPU? Suggestions welcome though I am not inclined to risk further experimentation for the time being.
  17. czech1

    czech1 TS Rookie

    Bloody genius, mate!

    Ok Cobrakaun, I've gotta hand it to you. :D No idea how you've come up with that fix, but it sure has worked for me! (So far lasted about 6 reboots with only one momentary black square near mouse cursor that disappeared without locking up the system.) My system isn't very up to date (AMD Athlon 1666 MHz, ASUS a7n266vm MOBO with nVIDIA chipset and a Radeon 7000 graphics accelerator) I think maybe the MOBO just can't handle the graphics acceleration. The fact that it can only handle up to PC 2100 RAM says something about its age.

    Anyway, thank you muchly, you've alleviated my frustration with exactly the same probs you and most people on this particular forum have had to endure. Only thing I found after following your instructions was that when going to full screen with some of the Windows Media Player visualizations (especially the "Battery" ones) it's very jerky. Any thoughts? But playing VCDs/DVDs full screen doesn't seem to be a problem.
  18. raising-dead

    raising-dead TS Rookie

    well i have a 256mb Radeon x300 (PCI-E) that keeps resetting graphics when in games after only short periods, and so i need to know the " equivalent " commands to try fix the loop, which i think is the issue, looping.....i have just bought a 600W psu in case the card drained my old one, but no...same issues again, i just have a quieter and OVERkill power set up now :giddy:

    ..anywho, i need to know, if anyone knows seen as i dont have pic to agp in my set up!
  19. tuhimareikura

    tuhimareikura TS Rookie

    This at22dvag infinite loop was driving me crazy, I was trying all sorts of stuff - updating the SIS drivers, installed Omega drivers etc... but no fix... until I found your solution. Thanks much! :D

    XP SP1, cheap Radeon 9100 agp card, Gigabyte 8ST800 motherboard, 1 gig DDR
  20. badger333

    badger333 TS Rookie

    Omg.. was trying everything and finally a fix that worked! thanks cobrakaun
  21. Martin-S

    Martin-S TS Rookie


    i've tried your fix, and it seems to work.

    The infinite loop usually occured when i opened ATI MMC TV or wanted to configure it while the tv was running. i've never had the loop during gaming.

    First let me tell you i've got an image/backup of a XP installation without ANY videocard drivers whatsoever installed. That way i can always fallback to a fully configured installation of XP without having to install windows and all the other software. This also makes sure the only things that changes are the drivers etc i install. I've tried all possible combinations, and concluded that (on my pc) Catalyst 5.3 + MMC 8.03 is the most stable combi.

    After i changed the cpu-to-agp controller to the std pci-to-pci coltroller, i installed Catalyst 5.3 and ATI MMC 8.03 (This is a combination of which i'm sure it works). I rebooted everytime after i installed a part of the software of changed something major.

    everything worked fine. So far i've followed your directions.

    The next thing i did was change the std pci-to-pci controller back to CPU-to-AGP controller.

    Until now, all is working flawlessly. I haven't tried gaming yet, but i don't expect any major problems. If they do occur, i'll let you guys know.

    Here are some specs of my pc:

    P4 3.0GHz, ASUS P4P800-E deluxe
    1GB DDR3200
    ATI AIW 9800SE 128MB
    CATALYST 5.3, ATI MMC 9.03
  22. beetlebz

    beetlebz TS Rookie

    OK... I came to the same solution BUT, there are things to be very aware of when you do this!!

    Exactly what youre doing is removing the AGP motherboard drivers, and switching to a standard generic driver. THIS WILL DISABLE AGP ACCELERATION! your AGP video card can not run at AGP speeds due to the missing driver, and thus, you will experience reduced performance. Its a good fix, and it works like a charm to those of us with the VIA ATI problem, but its only a band-aid. what we should all be doing is harassing VIA into fixing the problem. Until they do, I can garuntee I wont even consider buying a VIA based board again. So stop reading my ranting, and go send them a nasty email ;)
  23. HugoFirst

    HugoFirst TS Rookie

    I have a PCI card but had the same problem ever since I got this computer, and nothing fixed it. I tried your fix. I didn't have the system device "CPU to AGP Controller" but I did find "PCI bridge" available as a driver under the system device "LPC controller", so I set it to that.
    That didn't help, but there was also a choice of two "82801FB" controllers, one by Intel, which it had previously been set to, and one by Microsoft. I set it to the Microsoft one and I haven't seen a crash or infinite loop since. I've just played four hours straight of Battlefield2 demo and it worked perfectly. Before, it was crashing every 10 mins in that game.

    So I think you're definitely on the right track, even for PCI cards. I never would have thought to try that if I hadn't seen your post. Thanks man.
  24. Martin-S

    Martin-S TS Rookie

    Well, a minute and a hard reset ago, he did it again. Of course, my solution was to good to be true. I think i'll leave it this way. The performance of my system suffered to much from this fix.

    One thing, i'd like to note: i've NEVER had it during gaming. Only when i'm watching TV via my AIW and internetting.
  25. freddyfries

    freddyfries TS Rookie

    Where has my video gone

    Hi, is it possible that by fixing the infinite loop error that myself and all of the above have been experiencing, could have made a mess of my video drivers?

    I have since not been able to watch avi or mpeg files since. The sound plays however there are no pictures? How do you go about reversing this fix?
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