Infinity is a brandable movie ticket subscription service for smaller chains

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Digital design and technology solutions provider Influx Worldwide has announced plans to launch a new movie subscription service this spring.

Dubbed Infinity, subscribers will have access to individual, couple or family plans with the option to add on premium formats like IMAX and 3D for an additional monthly fee. Influx said other membership perks will include rollover of unused movie credits each month, add-on ticket options and discounts on food and beverage purchases at concession stands.

Subscribers additionally reserve the right to cancel their membership at any time.

Curiously enough, Influx notes that theaters will be able to control what movies and show times are open to subscribers and will retain full ownership of movie-goer data. What’s more, exhibitors will be free to market the program under their own respective brand names.

A service of this nature is likely to appeal to smaller, regional chains that may want to hop aboard the subscription bandwagon but don’t have the infrastructure to build out and support their own program.

A formal introduction is scheduled for April 2 at CinemaCon in Las Vegas with integration in cinemas in the US starting on May 27.

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Aside from letting cinemas pick their own branding (that will get confusing real quick; 'does my subscription work here or not?'), this seems like a pretty solid idea. Hopefully it sticks.