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Jul 2, 2002
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  1. It wasn't mentioned in the post on the main page but anyone who either registered their mouse or sent in for a rebate when the bought it should be recieving instructions in the mail about how to get a new mouse. 5 of my friend all bought Wheel Mouse Opticals for $29.99 (on sale) with a $15 rebate, and in the last week we've all gotten the info sent to us as well as some other people who just registered when they bought the mouse and didn't use the rebate.

    Just wanted to toss that up if anyone was interested.
  2. SNGX1275

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    what is/was the problem with the mice?
  3. Cryo

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    Although I don't know the real specifics, the new mice are mainly suppose to fix problems with machines locking up after certain programs are closed with the optical mouse. I have heard unofficially that it is due to a flaw in some of the circutry of the mouse causing a signal which will lock machines with certain hard/software configurations, but don't hold me to that ;-)
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    Microsoft IntelliMouse Recall
    by Julio @ 1:12 PM - [Comments]
    Wednesday, July 3 2002 News

    Saw this bit of news at Neowin:
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    An interesting thing i noticed:

    With your optical mouse use scroll wheel, move it fast up and down for 15 secs and mouse has lag after u finsh while it finishs the wheels movements.
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    Most mice do that, optical or not. Even my intellitrack does it.
    It is the same as a really fast typist being able to finish typing a few seconds before the machine gets it all displayed.

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