Info: The Power Supply called Damian ...

By Ruder
Dec 25, 2005
  1. Just for Info:

    I bought a new mobo, chip, ram, etc to upgrade an older PC. I kept the case as I originally spent quite a bit on it.

    Since I built this system, I had cooling issues with the CPU and HDDs. No matter the amount of expensive (TT) fans I built in the problem remained. Freezing under load, disk read errors, etc. Irritating ...

    After eventually borrowing a Oscilloscope I traced the power lines ... and found the 5V line to fluctuate by ~1V, and the 12V line to fluctuate by up to 6V!!!

    Replacing the PSU solved all the heating and crashing problems.

    BTW: Some of the free utilities I downloaded never indicated any of this.
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