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Jul 8, 2006
  1. Can somebody please tell me if each system board has a unique serial number that is coded into the board?

    It is in the Bios, but was wondering where it comes from. Is it purely coded or is it hardware?

    This is on Dell desktop units

    I'm wondering if there are browser pages that pull this information when you post or download. It would seem that if you are a registered owner with Dell, they can not only identify your isp, but also who the computer is registered to.

    Does anyone know if Dell shares this information with the government?

    Does anyone know how this bios information can be shielded from network traffic?

    Dell does not tell people about this information, but it is easy to find.
    If you have some ideas, please drop me a line at
  2. iss

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    Just use a tin foil hat while you are browsing the internet, and the the Govt. cant read your mind.
  3. korrupt

    korrupt TS Rookie Posts: 716

    Looks like someone is in the terorist business. Is there any reason why you don't want the government to see what you look at? Please note, techspot does not condone any illegal activities.


  4. paranoid guy

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    That's funny, you're worried about giving away information, and you post your e-mail address on a public forum! For your own good edit your post and remove your e-mail address. If you want to hear what people have to say, you can check a box in user profile that lets techspot send you an e-mail when someone has replied to this thread.
    As for your question, you're right afaik. When you're assigned an ip address this is kept in the logs of the sites you go to, so all that remains when someone wants to find out who downloaded what, is find that ip address, and ask your isp
    who was assigned it, and that's you :dead: if you've done anything wrong.
    Here's a website you might like:
  5. korrupt

    korrupt TS Rookie Posts: 716

    Lol, well you certainly got an experts advice there:p
  6. Clint1990

    Clint1990 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Bios information

    Well, I'm not a terrorist, and the email box, as you can see is just for junk mail so I really do not care if it is filled with garbage. When I need something, I'll check it when I need to.

    I know that web sites record your IP address when you visit, along with a time and cookies if you let them. What I'm asking, is there a way to prevent them from accessing your Bios which has unique identification beyond your IP address. There are good ways to fake your IP address if you wish, but I'm not so sure about backdoors to the BIOS.

    Thanks for your attempt at answering my question, but I can see the topic is a bit beyond your expertise. Thanks anyway.
  7. pcaceit

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    lets be nice to each other

    hi there,
    i'm sure Korrupt was just jesting with you, but anyway here's how it all works!

    Theres a thing called a mac address (cant remember what it stands for) but it is assigned to a specific piece of hardware usually NIC's, Dial up modems, Routers etc.. and each mac address is unique to that piece of hardware. now every FCC regulated device (high tec chip) on any electronic device will have an FCC ID just like a bar code so your bios will have an FCC ID but not a mac address.

    so when an ip address is issued it is specifically assigned to a mac address and nothing to do with your bios. (this is how an ip address can be traced to a specific machine). Your isp will also have a record that for a specific period a particular ip address was assigned to a divice at your address (so distroying your machine wont help, they are going to know it was you that hacked into my bank account "JOKE"),

    I have never known of Dell boy storing personal info in the bios, even though its possible, and it would have to be srored in the rewritable part (CMOS) which can be cleared anyway. i do know that they have a tag code for the machine which they use to identify all the specs for a particular machine. so if you registered your dell machine with them for their support or antitheft purposes then they will have the registered owner on record linked to that tag.

    sleep easy and hope this was of help.
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