inncrease in cpu usage % when locking and unlocking

By sowmya.ranginen
Jun 14, 2007
  1. Ours is a windows based application.
    When we open the application the CPU usage is 0% and the Memory Usage is 54,324Kb

    When I open a specific form in a module, the CPU usage is 0% and the Memory Usage increases accordingly (67,730 Kb).

    Now when I lock and unlock the System the CPU usage increases to 50% with the Memory Usage being 67,730 kb.

    I have made use of a .Net memory profiler and had taken snapshots before locking and unlocking the system.

    The following is the result after comparing both the versions.

    NameSpace Name Total New Removed Delta Total Max Min Delta
    System WeakRefrence 1681 613 0 613 26896 16 16 9808
    System.Reflection RunTimeMethodInfo 1229 8 0 8 29496 24 24 192
    System.Windows.Forms NativeMethods.TracKMOU.. 10 5 0 5 240 24 24 120
    System Runtimetype 2725 4 0 4 4360 16 16 64
    System String 37232 5 1 4 2256 102456 18 458

    Can anybody let me know the reason for the increase in CPU usage and how I can overcome this.

    And why is there a drastic increase in the number of instances for WeakReference class when the operation is just locking and unlocking and nothing to do with the application.
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