Inspirion 6000 Laptop Will only start if I remove all power Sources

By Inspirion1109
Jun 12, 2006
  1. I bought a new laptop but my roof started leaking and water got all over it. The water leaked onto the motherboard and is working for the most part but there is one big problem. The only way to startup is if I remove all power sources battery and ac adapter from the laptop. Once I give it power it starts up without me pressing the power on button. It shuts down fine, but also when I try to restart it shuts down as well.

    I send it in to Dell for repair but they wanted to charge me $500 to repair it and I don't feel it is worth paying 500 for repairing it since its already outdates only months after I bought it. They said it was the CMOS chip that is the problem, I replaced the CMOS battery just in case but it didn't fix the problem.

    Anyone know if it is the CMOS chip or what else it could be, also if there is a way to fix it without paying more than the laptop is worth. I would go to ebay but mine has an upgraded video card and Im not sure if the ones on EBay would have the same features.

    Thanks for your replies in advance.
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