Inspiron 4100 startup problem,revisited

By ski
Dec 26, 2006
  1. Hi All, I thought I'd post and let everyone who had tips [and those interested ] know how this turned out.For those who didn't read the 1st post,after replacing the 866 mhz syst. board [worked but had broken usb port] in the Dell inspiron 4100 with a mobo that had 1.13 gig chip, the laptop started and worked fine the 1st time.After shutdown it wouldn't start.I tryed putting the 866mhz chip in and still no start.I swapped the video card and no start.Since I needed to take the 866 mhz bottom assy [original mobo] apart to get the bottom plastic off [cracked,but not by me!] I continued and pulled the circuit board out of the metal.I desoldered the original broken USB port and carefully worked it free. I searched for a replacement finally finding a close match in a Mouser electronics parts catalog. Ordered it at 1.06$. 3 days later it arrived. I soldered it in and put it all back together [LOTS of small parts and SCREWS] using the good bottom panel.I held my breath and pushed the start button. It started and worked great [like the last time].I started breathing again at some point here:) It has now been started and stopped numerous times with no troubles. Workin great. Thanks all!! ski
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