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install help

By Rhodes132
Mar 30, 2006
  1. i have been getting errors while installing games and stuff. I have been trying to install everquest titanium as well as platinum. The first error was a C***** (<-- not sure what word but think it was something like corruption) failure. i went to event viewer and went to the website and it gave me this:
    hello i have been trying to install a game (everquest titanium edition) and it has a c****** failure. i looked in event viewer and there was a warning in the system part. I went to the website is listed and it came up with this...

    Product: Windows Operating System
    Event ID: 51
    Source: Cdrom
    Version: 5.2
    Message: An error was detected on device %1 during a paging operation.

    An input/output (I/O) request to a memory-mapped file failed and the operation was retried.

    I have just installed a new power supply, but i have gotten the same error before i even installed the new power supply... Would this be a problem with the CD's i am trying to install... or my cd rom??? or neither???

    Also, i just tried to install the game again and it came up with an InstallShield Wizard error which says

    Setup has experienced an error

    Please do the following:
    -Close and running programs
    -empty your temporary folder
    -check you interenet connection (internet-based setup)

    Then try to run the setup again

    Error code: -6005

    can anyone help me with this?

    EDIT: I just tried to install Tribes Vengance and it came up with an error have to deal with 'data1.cab' and it also seems like when i tried to install everquest said something about .cab files.... if thats any help in helping me
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