Install Win 98?

By capinoy
Oct 21, 2006
  1. Hey guys,

    A doctor wants me to install win 98 on an HP omnibook 800ct. It currently has win95 and is having all sorts of problems. This laptop has a working floppy but no cd rom. I aquired a disctech? External cd-rom and it is connected via parallel. I know the cable and cd rom work because I got the laptop to once boot to win95 and I tried to install win98 from there. It was working then it told me that there was not enough free space and the install quit. I then returned to windows and went to add/remove and tried to remove an app like netscap and it froze. From there I tried to boot back to win95 and now it just gets stuck in the windows splash screen. I cant seem to get back to windows to complete the install so I want to try using boot disks but everytime i use a 98 bootdisk from it loads all of the drivers except for the cdrom. I keep getting a message that says no cdrom device detected no drivers installed. (Not at the desk so I dont know the exact message). Can anyone help. Or should I just tell the doc forget it and give it back? Someone told me to use a zip drive? and copy the i386 folder to that. But I cant even get the external cd rom to work so how can I get the zip drive to work? Can someone shed some light on this?
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    Aint DOS a pain if yu dont know it......

    You first need to boot from the win98 boot disk and fdisk and partition the harddrive, once done format it using the format c: /s command.

    Now create a folder to store the win98 setup files in, at the dos prompt enter the command md win98 and press enter.

    Now boot the laptop with a disk that loads the drivers for the external CDROM, ( if you dont have one the manufacturers website should have one) once you have access to the win98 cdrom change to the drive that is the CDrom ie d: ( or whatever the driver decides is the letter for the CD) and enter the command cd win98.

    now copy the entire contents of the folder to the folder called win98 on the C drive.

    Once done reboot the laptop without any floppy in it, it should come to a dos prompt c:\> , type CD win98 press enter, now type setup.... Off you go and install 98.

    NB 98 does not have an i386 folder this is only in NT based OS's
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