installed agp card computer will not come on

By Ampacity
Aug 29, 2005
  1. I've had alot of troble with this and i think it has something to do with the Pci Bridge and the Agp they are connected (correct if wrong) but i need some help any ideas would help. The computer will not come on after many trys when agp card is installed. in the bios i have agp/onboard and PCI opitons i put it on agp/onboard. but it won't boot up or even show a display on the montior. It only sets and humms. So any ideas at all for this problem i need to card guys. i'm a heavy gamer and any tweaks or updates ANYTHING. will help me. thanks
  2. vegasgmc

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    What motherboard do you have. Newer video cards use different voltage and wont work with older boards. Also some boards with onboard video have a jumper that has to be moved.
  3. Ampacity

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    Its a N force 2 Mcp t i think or icp.. but its a Nforce2 .. ther are no jumpers and the card is a Geforce 5600 fx 256 mb.

    oh and also i did disable the onboard before inserting the card.
    and this is a Emachine to so that maybe the problem lucky its not mine eh?
    i was thinking the irqs where off but i checked and the onboard was on 11 and the agp card when in was on 19 .. i can only see onboard when the card isn't in. i don't know what to do but flash that dang emachine bios.

    and one more thing can a agp slot have a short? and still read other cards that was what th e tech support from emachines said well of corse they said the usally to .. "please get your Restore Disk and insert it into the drive"
  4. Vigilante

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    If the BIOS is set to use AGP and you get nothing. Either it's incompatible, or malfunctioning. Obviously.

    If you could at least try the vid card in another PC. You don't have to let it boot to the OS, just plug in the card, and if you see stuff when it turns on, shut the PC off. That way you don't have to worry about drivers.

    If the card works fine, it IS a possibilty to have a bad AGP slot. I've seen them many times. So it's either bad, or it doesn't like your card. Can you get an older AGP card to try in the slot? Something older that is bound to work with the E-Machine.
    If THAT works, then you have an incompatible card. If an older card still doesn't work, you likely have a bad slot. And you can try a PCI video card after that.

    Good Luck
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