Installed GeForce 6200, then my soundcard goes *poof*....Huh?

By b psycho
Feb 1, 2006
  1. Previous videocard went kaput on me, so I got another. An Nvidia GeForce 6200, as the title says.

    Unhooked everything, put in the card in the AGP slot, plugged the whole mess back up, & turned on the computer. For no reason at all, the two PCI devices I had installed both vanished. Ended up having to reinstall my USB 2.0 controller, so all that's left is the soundcard -- an Emu 0404.

    I have the soundcard installed, did absolutely nothing to it, & I have no sound. I tried to play something in WinAmp to test & it tells me I don't HAVE a soundcard (???). I attempt to reinstall the Emu driver & it goes through the process, only to find out afterwards that it still won't load my soundcard (it has a DSP mixer application with it that must be running to get sound, that won't open). Someone tell me wtf is going on & how to fix it, please...

    In case it's relevant, my motherboard is an Albatron PX845E Pro-II, & my power supply is 300W.
  2. b psycho

    b psycho TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Fixed it already. I moved the soundcard down a slot & reinstalled.

    It'd be nice to know WHY my system did that though.
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