installed KT4A-v MOBO but can not see DVD/CD Drives

By rem12
Mar 8, 2005
  1. Hello, I have older box (97/98) with 1997 ATI all-in-wonder crd onboard. MOBO went out so I installed new KT4A-V and modem (PCI). put back in old ATI crd. Also have ribbon connected to Pioneer DVD/DVR-A06U/Z and then CD drive into secondary IDE slot. Running Windows 98SE. When I boot up I get a message telling me my display adapter is bad but I'm allowed to coutinue although with larger icons etc. Since mobo went out without notice I have a lot of picture files on the harddrive but not backed up. My 8GB drive is partitoned into c,d,e,f but I cannot see dvd or cd drives. I can not load any of the drivers that came with the board and when I plug in my zip drive via USB nothing happens. I have no problem reformating the harddrive or installing XP and upgrading my ATI card but I don't want to loss data that is on my harddrive. Is there anything I can do?
    Thanks Richard
  2. Tarkus

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    OK, you changed motherboards and are running your Windows 98 from the previous motherboard with it's drivers? IF you can't do a clean install on another drive then you may be able to uninstall your MB drivers using the device manager or possibly add/remove software (but I don't think they showed up there in win98). A reboot will then probably ask you to install your MB drivers, or allow you to use your drivers disc, either that or it won't ever come back :-S
  3. rem12

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    Thanks for the reply. Even if I could remove old MB drivers I am still left with the problem of not being able to load anything new since the box is not reconizing that I have drives or USB. BTW I did not touch any mobo jumpers etc. I just checked to be sure ribbon cables were correct. I also tried plugging in the zip drive again (USB) but there is no indication that it even detected it. Any other ideas?
  4. rem12

    rem12 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    S- I just realized what you seemed to be suggesting...Are you saying for example I could go get another HHD (say 80GB) install it (and maybe XP as well) and once installed add this HHD (as a primary slav) and transfering my data from the old HHD to the newer one?
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