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Installed new SATA2 HD now what?

By bwise1
Mar 15, 2007
  1. this is my first time posting on this forum, so hi to everyone. I'm upgrading my old computer the spec are below.

    Win.XP sp2 Home edition
    MB VIA PT800 ABit/V17 800FSB
    CPU P4/2.4GHz 533M 478Pin/512 not overclocked
    PS 350 watts
    512MB DDR Crucial Pc3200
    NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 With AGP8X
    Lite-On CD-RW52X32X52X
    Maxtor 80GB 7200 HD ATA IDE

    I bought an new Apevia case, 160gb seagate 7200.10 SATA2 Hd, Cool Master 500W PS, 1gb ddr crucial memory. I've built a couple of computers so installing these componets is not a problem. The problem begins when I need to bootup the computer with the new SATA HD, what do I do, boot with the winxp cd? My mistake was researching the SATA HD installation process, I did so much reading on it that now I am totally confused! So starting with the bootup process any help to get me started in the right direction would greatly be appreciated. Thanks

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