Installed Rome: Total War on laptop; problems

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Jan 15, 2007
  1. I installed Rome Total War on my laptop. The laptop has more than the requirements to play the game and the game runs fine. The problem is that the game screen pulls up inverted to the left. basically I am playing the game with a sideways screen. I have gone through the graphics options and messed with the rotation. That did not work. Is there a way to fix this or is it just because it is a laptop?
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    Have you tried to install a more recent graphics driver (assuming there is one)?
  3. dsasbslsjs

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    Rome Total War on laptop

    The computer is not even 90 days old, so I am guessing that there would not be a more recent driver. Would the driver have something to do with the positioning of the screen?
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    It is by the driver that you are able to rotate the display screen in the first place. Laptop graphics might be different but for ATI desktops, for example, a new graphics driver is released each month. Drivers that are installed on new PC's are not necessarily the latest ones that are available at the time it was built. In fact, it is unlikely.

    There might be a problem with the graphics driver that is currently installed and reinstalling might help and as long as you are installing a graphics driver, you usually want to install the lastest version.
  5. creamsoda

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    A ? for rtw fans about patch 1.3

    so heres the problem. i installed rtw, then patch 1.2 (and it works) but then when i install 1.3 it says it installed correctly but the version in the game shows 1.2. i emptied the temp folder, uninstalled and reinstalled the whole game several times, and even got rid of the 0701 folder that supposedly fixes the problem. Basically i want to use cheats on the game with infinite uses.
    Any1 plz help me.
  6. simnos

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    Sideways screen problem solved

    @ dsasbslsjs

    You just need to adjust your in-game screen resolution to suit your screen size. On my dell I had to change it to 1280x800.

    Just go to options in the main menu > video > and change the resolution.
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