installing a cd burner

By realrookie
Mar 19, 2003
  1. I have installed a cd burner the same way the cd was, but it will not burn saying check cables etc. Have I missed a cable other than the power and ribbon?

    HELP please?
  2. poertner_1274

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    Well you need to make sure that you have your new burner set as a slave on the cable. I had some problems with my aspi drivers as well. But if your problems says it is in the cables, then you might try and change that drive to a slave.

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  3. iss

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    when you say that you installed it the same as the CD was does that mean you replaced the cd rom with the burner and have only one drive on the secondary IDE cable? if so then you need to set the jumper on the CD burner to master since most of them ship with the setting as slave. if you have more than one drive on the same IDE cable then youneed to do as poertner_1274 said and make sure that one is set to master and the other as slave.
  4. Rick

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    "will not burn saying check cables"? If you can "use" it at all (meaning it is visible in windows), your cable certainly is not your problem.

    Could you go into more details.. Like what kind of error do you get? Where does the error occur?
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