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Apr 11, 2007
  1. So I'm trying to install a graphics card, specifically the Geforce 5200 FX on my computer. However I keep having the same problem. When I plug the monitor into the card and turn on my computer, the monitor takes a second to load and when it does I get a blank screen. Eventually a blank random yellow box will appear but thats it. I disabled the on-board graphics card through device manager and still have this problem. I was told to go into BIOS and disable but I've looked everywhere in BIOS and theres nothing about video adaptors, there network and sound adaptor options, but thats it. Any help at all would be seriously appreciated. Oh and OS is a Windows XP. So Anyone?
  2. Tedster

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    I am assuming it is an AGP card. Second I am also assuming it does not require to be externally powered.

    Internal video needs to be disabled in BIOS, not device manager.
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  3. HelpAGuy

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    No its PCI...yeah I know thats not the best but anyway, it doesnt require extreernal power and like I said I cant find anything about video adaptors in BIOS....Do I need to do something in particular to make it appear in the BIOS?????
  4. zipperman

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    Its one or the other

    A Non working Monitor doesn't let you open Windows Device Manager.
    How do you manage this ?
    Or do you mean in the bios ?
    Is it readable there ? You don't need to go there.
    Note:Where you connect the monitor is what operates it.
    Nothing else needs disableing "Like audio does".
    I turn my monitor on then press the
    case switch to start pc.
    My monitor takes a second to load and i get a blank screen.:wave:
    Is this an old vga monitor.?
    XP should boot to generic drivers,then you
    install the video card cd and the monitor driver cd if you have one.
    Bottom line: Do you get to the Windows desktop ?
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  5. kenm

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    In your BIOS there should be a setting 'Primary Display Adapter' Make sure it is set to 'PCI'. Without knowing your Mainboard manufacturer and Model number it's not easy to tell what other settings you need to change.
  6. HelpAGuy

    HelpAGuy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I looked back through BIOS and there is nothing anywhere in it about Display Adaptors. Ive looked under every option and looked again. It's not there. Am I missing something? I think that my entire problem could be solved if I could find this thing in BIOS. Any help?
  7. HelpAGuy

    HelpAGuy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    And no it doesnt take me to the windows screen when I plug it into the card slot I get a blank screen...Thats it. if i leave the cord in its old spot i get the huge resolution 4 color deal and while it comes up with the new card as installed, it says its installed on "default" monitor and nothing changed when i change resoultion/color.
  8. HPCE_Larry

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    Go to nvidias site and dl the drivers.
  9. zipperman

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    You should have a driver install cd.The bios isn't a factor.
    It's what you plug the monitor cable into thats recognized by the video card.
    You need the cd and install manual to install the drivers.This gives you accelerated SVGA graphics.
    Right now it's just Generic VGA.
    Website Updates are just that.Update the cd drivers.
  10. HelpAGuy

    HelpAGuy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok stupid question but i have to ask to make sure im egtgtting this right. which cd do i need, montiro cd or the cd that comes with the card. and when do i out it in....while im staring at the blank screen? Thnx for all the help
  11. nickc

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    uninstall all drivers, shut the machine down. restart, install the drivers on the cd that came with the video card. shut down the machine and restart. then u can update with whatever drivers u want to.
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