Installing AGP slot on motherboard

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Oct 5, 2002
  1. I inherited a computer that I find has no AGP slot on the motherboard. I'm fairly sure I read about installing one on the PCI slot. The motherboard has a PCI and a ISA slot. I want to put an inexpensive videocard on it to allow it to play some games (Rogue Spear, Rainbow Six, etc.) with a bit more speed/resolution/detail and later use it as a client for a LAN with a much better computer for multiplayer gaming.

    Anyone know anything about this problem. Please don't tell me it isn't worth the money, I have already considered that issue, which is why I am going to build a new computer as my primary gaming machine, but you can comment on costs or how much improvement you think it will add. This is not meant to run state of the art games, which require a faster cpu anyway, it is to run older games 2-4 years, better. I am not easily bored by games I like and tend to play them forever.

    Thank you

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    Abbreviated answer - no, get a PCI Graphics card.
  4. yamaraion

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    Hadn't thought about PCI video card. Guess I thought they were all gone by now. Thanks for the idea'

    yamaraion :eek:
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    gf4 mx X pci is actually not a bad card, compare it to a gf2 mx 400 AGP. It runs about $110 U.S currency.
  6. yamaraion

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    thanks Nick

    Thanks Nick. I'll check it out.

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