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Jul 13, 2007
  1. Ok, I reformatted my hard drive, reinstalled Windows XP and now I'm trying to figure out what the heck to do next. I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop and I have a disk that says "Dell utilities and drivers." I put it in and it just pops up and shows me what has been installed but I can't tell what to do next. I know I need to reinstall my drivers and stuff...I think...I don't know, I'm kind of at a loss. Any suggestions? Is this the only disk I need before I'm up and running again. I really just need to hook back to my wireless network and ...don't laugh...reinstall The Sims 2. I can't do either because I'm missing things.
  2. almcneil

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    This was my #2 service call when I worked at Dell!! Installing device drivers!

    First, open Device Manager

    Start -> Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager

    Any devices with a big yellow question mark beside them are missing a device driver. Launch the Dell Drivers & Utilities CD, look up the device and install the driver for it.
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    ok right click on my computer and select manage, then choose device manager. Any device without a driver will have a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark after it. If so right click on it and choose the driver tab then update driver and then choose install driver from a specific location and choose the drive the disk is in.

    Hope this helps :)
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    thanks to both of you, I'll try it and report back!
  5. GeorgiaGirl47

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    ok, I tried that and all of my "other devices" have question marks. Things like ethernet, network connector, etc. Well, I'm not sure how to find them on the disk...I put it in and told it to pull up "all" but none of those things are listed. Any clue as to where it may be? Thanks
  6. zipperman

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    Put the disc on autorun and follow the instructions.
    It has all you need to install the right drivers.
    *** Don't let Windows "Search for them" ***
    If it says "New device found"
    Also read the manual about doing this,or read the disc for instructions without
    Autorun.Probably run Install in the Start/Run Menu.
    Or take it to a Dell Repair shop.
    Thats what they want you do do.
    Dell doesn't make a new install easy.
    Right ?
    TechSpot Member
  7. almcneil

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    It's been 2 years since I last did this (although I had it memorized at the time I did it so often at the Dell call centre!)

    First, right-click on each device under Other Devices with a big yellow question mark. Select "Properties". Read the name of the device (manufacturer and device name, i.e. ACME PCI Ethernet 110)

    Then go the the Dell Drivers & Utilities CD, select drivers and look up that device in the list. Click on it and follow the instructions.
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