Installing My First Processor! Helpp!!!

By Keith22
Aug 10, 2007
  1. Okay my title is a little bit over exaggerated haha, but not really. Today I recieved my Intel Quad Core Q6600 processor! Im really happy and all, but I have some questions I desperately need to have anwsered! Okay, first of all, today I just want to install the processor with STOCK cooling and stuch, later on when my tower is closer to complete, I will add a Tuniq Tower 120. You can find all my build specs and such at this link:

    I currently have the power supply, mother board, dvd R/W drives, and floppy disk drive installed. Today I would like to put the processor in just because it kills me to have it sit there haha. Okay, here are my question. No where in my little booklet that came with the processor does it say i NEED to put thermal grease on yet with the processor, it doesnt even show it in the installation pictures when putting the stock cooler on. So my first question is, for right now do i NEED to put thermal grease on the processor and then the heatsink on, or could I function right now without it and not kill the processor/put a huge load of strain on it without the grease. Hopefully you guys can help me out, you have before! Thanks, Keith.
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    Don't turn on the PC without thermal compound between the heatsink and CPU unless it is for a few seconds for experimental reasons. Heat builds up quite fast. Doesn't the stock heatsink come with thermal paste already on it? You peel off a protective plastic sheet.
  3. Keith22

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    Alright maybe it does, I thought that was just an adhesive to keep it steady in place, and it all seems to be as thick as play-doh so I wouldnt have expected it to spread :p There was nothing to pull off the heatsink though to reveal thermal compound, It was just there lol. Just took these after you said that, take a look.


    Is that it?
  4. mailpup

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    Yup, that's it. That would be thermal compound.
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