installing new hard drive on ECS motherboard, windows xp loads files will not start

By bobhri
Jul 28, 2007
  1. computer specs
    AmeriComp, inc
    ECS Elite group km400-m2 motherboard
    AMD Anthon xp1800
    phoenix award bios v6.00pg
    Old hard drive western digital 120 gb
    New hard drive Seagate ultra ATA 160 gb

    My old western digital 120 gb hd crashed. I installed a new seagate ultra ata 160 gb, but when trying to install windows xp, all the files load, but it stalls at the starting windows screen of the install. I tried numerous times with two different good windows xp cds. Still the same. Does anyone know if this motherboard ECS Elite group km400-m2 supports 160gb hard drive. Are there jumpers to change??? Does the bois need to be updated??
    Appreciate the help.
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    Is your hard drive detected correctly in BIOS? The size and model should show up both show up correctly, and if they do not you may require a BIOS update.

    Are your XP discs ones that include SP2?

    Do you have another system you can plug the drive into, with a working OS, with which you can test the drive?

    Have you checked the physical cabling, making the sure power and data cables are clean and connected securely?

    Just a checklist to run through.
  4. bobhri

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    My new 160 gb hard drive is detected correctly in BIOS. The size and model both show up correctly. So I'm guessing motherboard is ok with this hd.

    xp Disks are original xp only/no sp 2. They should still install, I use them frequently and they work.

    I tested the drive with seagate diagnostics. Short test came out with no problems. Extended test stalls. I'm hooking the drive up to another computer as an external w/usb connection. I have a housing to put it in. So hopefully I'll be able to check the disk further.

    All physical cabling has been checked and rechecked.

    Do you know of any websites that I can get a manual for this motherboard. ECS doesn't list this motherboard.

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