Installing/resetting a video driver for windows98

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Apr 22, 2005
  1. Is there a way to set the video driver to the default VGA driver for windows98se without entering windows98se? From Dos?

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    It may be very difficult to completely "install" a VGA driver from DOS, because of registry changes and so forth.

    But you can make Windows "forget" or "loose" it's current driver, thus it will prompt you about drivers next time you restart. By deleting the driver files and INF. But that is very risky, because the registry entries will still exist.

    The easiest way to do it, and maybe you can't do this, I don't know, is to go into Safe Mode.

    In Safe Mode you can delete and erase all the proper files and registry keys.

    So give us some background. Can you work in Safe Mode? How come you need to do this?
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    Safe mode equals standard VGA so all you have to do is boot into safe mode. Uninstall the VGA drivers there if you like.

    If you want to go into safe mode from DOS command prompt then you have to run the win command with the /D:M parameter.
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    EZ BIOS and video problems

    A little background. I built this computer for someone and a couple years later someone else added a second hard drive. The owner thought that it may have been a RAID setup. The ASUS board doesn't have RAID on board and there isn't an addon card so I don't think it is a RAID config.

    I came to "clean up" the computer of spyware etc. I then found out that the anti-virus software stated it had been disabled by a program. In the BIOS I turned on the boot sector anti virus. On reboot it stated that there was a boot sector virus. Since the other tech had used EZ BIOS to set up the drives I thought the antivirus warning from the BIOS may have detected EZ BIOS and not a boot sector virus. I turned the computer off (pre windows) and it restarted and wouldn't stay off untill I held the pwr button a long time.

    Upon restart (I turned of the boot sector anti virus in the BIOS) it would boot through the Windows98 splash screen and then go blank with no video signal to the monitor. EZ BIOS now locks up at startup. I can't seem to get past that. I do get a variety of error messages about damaged files etc. I've been able to run scanreg /fix etc but to no avail. I've even been able to reinstall '98, saving files but that didn't get me any furthur. I don't know if I can rebuild or repair the MBR without losing the data. Rebuilding the registry didn't help. With the screen going blank after the splash screen I thought there may be a video driver issue as well and wanted to try to rule that out.

    I am looking for a copy of EZ BIOS to try and get passed the hold up, maybe with a little more setup info. I am trying to save/recover the data on the drives.

    If I can't save the data I will just start from scratch. Partion on up. Anything else I should try?

    Thanks for the prompt response to my questions.

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    See my answer in your other EZ-BIOS post.
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