Installing second hard drive or something like that... need help

By DarkNinja187
Mar 1, 2005
  1. Hey... totally new here. I have a question which I guess I need in laymen terms so to speak. I am thinking of buying a new 160gb hard drive. I right now have a 40gb hard drive. IDE is what I am buying since i know not too much I don't wanna mess with SATA. Anyways I would like to know what do I need to do. I want to make the new hard drive to be the master and the old one just for more storage space. What do I need to do?

    Can I just install windows xp on the new hard drive and format clean the old drive and and install like games on the old one just like that or do I have to do something else?

    Thanks in adavanced.
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    seen the same post somewhere else, where I could READ it at least. Green is NOT a good colour.
    And please don't post twice about the same stuff.
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    Its simply a matter of:

    -Change the jumper on new hard drive to master

    -Change the jumper on old drive to slave.

    -Attach both drives in any order on the cable.

    -Plug cable into motherboard.

    -Go into BIOS, there is a section (usually first) which has hard drive details. Go into it, it should detect your drive. There may be an option for that.

    -Save and reboot.

    -Ensure that your machine's POST output (when it detects components when it starts) lists your new drive as master, old drive as slave.

    -Boot from your Windows CD (There is a boot order option in the BIOS), and follow the instructions. Part of the installation process will be to format the drive.

    -Once completed, go into disk administrator (right click "My Computer", properties, disk adminstrator) right click the old drive, and select format. You can tick the box to do a quick format as well.
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