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Feb 16, 2005
  1. I just got a second HD for my computer but have a couple of questions to ask first. The HDs have different cables so does that mean I can not set them up as master/slave drives? The HD I just got uses the same cable as my CDROM drive which has the cable able to connect to two devices so I can use the cable to hook up both my second HD and CDROM drive? I expected my primary HD to be have the same connector as my new one but I was wrong. My guess as why they don't is because the second HD is old (1.2gb). Thanks.

    I THINK the new HD has a Serial ATA cable and the older one has an IDE cable but im a noob so who knows =/
  2. Didou

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    A 1.2GB hdd is old, noisy & slow. Save yourself the trouble & forget about installing it on your system. :p
  3. Green Card

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    Yea but I need the extra HD because I have a game I really want to play that does not work on XP (Resident Evil 2 save files don't load). So I wanted an extra HD that I could put the game and Win 98SE on. My other choice is buying it for the PS1 but this way is cheaper :slurp:
  4. Samstoned

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    how big is your main drive
    and is this game a dos based game
    should be able to make a virtual drive and format to dos prob run from there
    other than that you could be in for headaches not because of the ide
    you can hook that as slave on the same cable as the cd or dvd keep the cd a master.
    here's where you may have a situation
    to boot or not to boot all kinds of bugs with mixed dos and nt systems
    you my not want to have the main drive connected when you install 98a I assume your runnin some ver. of xp
    get yourself a boot manager to switch between os
  5. Green Card

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    My main drive is 120gb and I do not know if it is a dos based game how do I check?
  6. Samstoned

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    my first guess would be that it don't run on xp
    don't want to assume to much .internet search for the game specs should get you something.
    and with all that hard drive space
    you can give up a little to the game I have never needed to use a dos app so I have no experiance in procedure,but I have made virtual drives without partitioning hard drive I use them to hide encrypted files.
    Steganos makes a VD and from my research it has dos formatting
    you can try the trial version on there website
    sometimes this stuff can start to get complicated
    just remembered i came across some info on emulators for games like this you can try search in that area
  7. Lunatic

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  8. Green Card

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    Thanks for all your help but I will just save myself some trouble and take my dads Win98 PC that he isn't even using :)
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