installing the boot files for xp

By xbehave
Sep 10, 2006
  1. in the mbr i have grub but i never had problems booting xp until i installed 98 on a partition and it override my xp boot loader.
    ATM my setup is a bit weird the problem may be solvable from Linux but I'm quite new to it so I'm hoping i can fix the way windows boots until i figure out grub.
    i have 2 hard drives
    HD1 an IDE drive set as 1st to boot, contains a working grub in the MBR
    c: windows 98 install along with old win xp files, as win98 doesn't boot i can wipe this if needed (7 gig)
    d: unfinished ubuntu install but i think i have to keep it for grub ( 7 gig)
    SD1 contains grub but it isn't set up right, so i can install windows boot stuff to the MBR if its absolutely necessary
    c: windows xp install (the 1 i want to boot to) its all in perfect working order (15g)
    d: shared files (big)
    e: Linux install (17g)
    f: empty space but id rather not use it (17g)

    I'm hoping there is a simple way i can stick some files on c: and the windows 98 boot menu will be replaced by the xp boot menu, is this possible?
    otherwise how do i install win xps boot stuff to the 2nd drive without having to do a full reinstall?
    i googled but my results are all guides on how i should install windows xp or 98
    p.s would i be allowed to post a similar topic in the Linux/mac forum to address a few problems i have with grub and maybe get a solution to this aswell?
  2. Nodsu

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    Boot into the XP Recovery Console (this is an option when you use the XP install CD).

    Run "fixmbr" to write the generic Windows bootloader to the HD1 MBR (you can overwrite this with GRUB later on). "fixboot" to write the XP bootloader to C:
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