Installing video drivers without uninstalling previously

By franc
Oct 26, 2006
  1. Does it make a difference if I installed a new driver when I didn't uninstall the old one and subsequently uninstalled the new one... Did the uninstal clear everything from the old driver to the new one ? Or is there still like the old driver that could get in conflict and mess up my performances in a game. Cause I noticed that my game freezes when it never did and seems to be stuttering more than it allready had been at the begining and even though I finally changed my mind about the new driver and came back with the old one by properly uninstalling the previous this time. I'm just wandering if the uninstall done with the configure panel wipes out every other old driver that I didn't think of uninstalling before and that could possibly get in conflict. Anyone could please help me with this or knows how to make sure any other drivers can be erased ?
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