Installing Windows 98SE (new HDD)

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Jan 27, 2008
  1. Yea so I've been trying to install Windows 98 second edition onto a computer I just built. The system is basically made of spare parts but I have every component installed to make a complete system.

    Anyway, I have copies of Win98SE (full and upgrade) and I am trying to install it on a new 20GB drive. My problem is that I cannot seem to get the system to boot the CD (full install of 98). I have the CD-ROM drive in the BIOS listed before the HDD in boot order but it won't run the setup. Do I need some kind of floppy disk inserted to boot from the CD or something? It's older hardware so I guess anythings possible... If anyone has any input that would be great. Thanks!

    BTW: The only other systems I have are running Windows XP. I do NOT have another computer with Windows 98... if that changes anything.
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    check to make sure your CD rom is the first on the cable. Then ensure your hard drive is set to cable select if it is on the same cable.

    Is the CD rom being accessed? if so, then you're ok with the hardware.

    if not perhaps the cd is dirty?

    try cleaning the cd - is it scratched?
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    Ah, the CD drive is second in line one the cable... but the HDD is on a completely different one. The CD drive has power and the use LED lights so I guess it's fine. I'll relocate the drive and see if that helps. Thanks!
  4. EXCellR8

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    No luck. I just keep getting that "Operating System Not Found" message and the CD won't boot. I even tried a different CD drive but the same thing happens. Any other suggestions?
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  6. EXCellR8

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    Thanks for the link, I will give it a try and hopefully I can get it to work.
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