installing windows on a new hard drive

By snowman
Mar 30, 2005
  1. is there any way i can install windows on a new hard drive while i have windows running on the main(old) hard drive? here is the deal, i bought a new 40gb hd from a friend for $15. and i want to reformat the one i have now, but i want to keep most of my files without making 50 cd's. so is there any way to install windows on the new drive while i have windows running on the old one? and then boot from the new one so i can reformat the old?
  2. Nodsu

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    If you want to reinstall then set your old hard drive as the slave and the new one as master. Install Windows on the new one and later copy over the files you need.

    A much neater way is to copy the whole contents of your old hard drive over to the new one.
    There are many programs to do this. Some hard drive manufacturers supply disk migrating tools, you can also use Norton Ghost 2000 or older, partition tools like Partition Magic or freeware tools like g4u or the good old dd command in Unix clones.
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