Installing Windows Server 2016 on vmware

Hello Guys,

I have a question, I have an ISO image of WinServer 2016 and I want to install it on vmware version 16.00.
Following are the hardware configuration of my Dell laptop.
Operating System : Windows 7 (Ultimate) edition.

Operating System type : 32 bit.

RAM : 2 GB

CPU : 1.67 Ghz.

Total hard drive space =200 GB
Free space in Primary Partition (C: )=14.5 GB.
According to an article which I was reading, the hard drive space on physical computer should be 20 GB, inorder to install WinServer 2016 on vmware which is installed on that physical computer(machine) .

My question is that are they talking about 20 GB free space on Primary Partition (C: ) of the hard drive of this dell laptop?

So how should I free the space of the Primary Partition (C: ) of my computer from 14.5 GB to 20 GB?

I hope my question is clear.

Hello Sir

Thank you for moving my thread to appropriate forum ,I am acutally new to this website and forum, so I am not able to see appropriate forums where I can post my questions and where I can make my threads.

Pls do guide me when ever I post my questions on any threads and make any mistake while posting them.