Installing Windows XP Pro, wont recognize!!

By SilenceOfComp ยท 8 replies
May 19, 2006
  1. Ok, recently re-installed windows, or my buddy did actually, anyways I couldn't find my disk, so he used his.

    His was XP Pro corp w/SP2 beta, so I've had some complications with the system, mainly DirectX, I can't install 9.0c, now, I found my disk and want to alleviate these problems, so I pop it in, restart my computer and it bypasses my disk all together, I have it set to boot to CD-Rom devices first, and I know all the files are on there. I was wondering, is there a way I can run like a floppy boot disk like the old 98 system? Or is the copy I have got something wrong with it?
  2. Samstoned

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    could be dirty disc or if a copied disc it was not made bootable
    sometimes some cd drives just will not boot these disc's
    I have a drive from 97 and it will not boot xp disc
  3. WinDoWsMoNoPoLy

    WinDoWsMoNoPoLy TS Rookie Posts: 252

    You can make a MS-DOS Boot Disk by selecting the format option in a floppy format.
  4. Spike

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    Some bioses give you an option on boot to start the computer from a particular drive on pressing a key during POST.

    failing that, it's a case of downloading the setup boot floppies from MS.
  5. meatologist

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    take a look here..........

    Make your CD bootable - you will need a CD-RW drive...!

    Your machine obviously recognises a bootable CD - otherwise how did your friend build your machine?!

  6. Spike

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    You can bake a CD bootable on just a CD-R drive. The link given above doesn't do this for a winXP cd. - the easiest way to do it is with CDimageGUI and an image burning tool.
  7. meatologist

    meatologist TS Rookie Posts: 134

    CD-R, CD-RW - whatever - something to burn a CD - is that specific enough?

    The link given above is to create a BOOTABLE cd - regardless of the operating system or application you are burning to it!

    I have made several BOOTABLE XP cd's with the information on this site. So you are clearly talking rubbish.

    Here is the page ON THAT SITE to enable you to create a bootable XP CD - oh the THOUGHT of it! it cant be real? can it?

    SilenceOfComp - this works. Trust me.
  8. Spike

    Spike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,168

    Yes - that's much more specific and far more accurate - accuracy and specificity is all important in instructions that not only help the original poster but the many other people who will read this thread.

    I will happily accept that I made a mistake in claiming that the page you supplied wouldn't make an XP cd bootable. I thought you were linking to BartPE itself.

    As for me clearly talking rubbish, I maintain that I'm not. The easiest way to do it in the case of XP is as follows...

    1, copy the CD contents to a folder on your hard drive
    2, download and run CDimageGUI from HERE, on the directories page select the folder you copied the disk contents to for the root dir, and select a path and filename.iso for where you want to create the cd image. Go to the creation icon and click "start image creation".
    3, when complete use nero (or an application to do the same) to burn the ISO to a CD (in nero's case, right click - open with... -> nero.

    That's it. Done.

    While I appreciate that you have every right to correct my simple and well intentioned mistake, I assure you that I am not talking rubbish (as demonstrated above), and that flaming a moderator on a board where no flames are allowed is usually considered to be a bad idea. I won't start a flame war, nor will I return fire, but the other mods and myself do have a banning stick. Please leave the flaming at that now and we can all just pretend it never happened.

    I shall leave both methods in the thread for anybody to choose from in the interests of choice and fairness though.
  9. meatologist

    meatologist TS Rookie Posts: 134

    Same meat, different gravy.

    I wasnt 'flaming' - I was merely venting a unintentional frustration and I apologise profoundly. However, the threat of a banning stick is bordering on a dictatorship attitude - I thought the idea was to allow each and every person to have an input in order for a 'person in trouble' to have the freedom of choice and accurate information on which to base their decision to ultimately fix an issue that they may have.

    Whats wrong with a little nudge in the back every now and then!?

    Your suggested method is a worthy one and at no point did I accuse you of anything otherwise.

    As for you clearly talking rubbish - taken in the context of this particular thread (or a reply to my input), I think that it was an accurate, if somewhat unmannerly, answer.

    Again, I apologise.

    Anyway - I hope SilenceOfComp can fix his issue and hopefully I can continue to 'try' to help people.
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