Installing Windoze XP on 200 Gb SATA

By Tartuffe_30
Jan 1, 2005
  1. Hello,

    I have been trying to install Windoze XP on my new 200 Gb SATA disk for one week, but i can't manage. :mad:
    I insert the OS installation CD-Rom. I press F6. I insert the floppy. I choose the first option in order to specifiy my disk. Then i press Enter to continue.
    Then I press Enter to setup on my partition already formatted in NTFS.

    I press F8, as I don't have another choice to accept to install Windows XP as i bought it....
    Then come this screen:

    "To install Windoze XP on the following on the partition you selected, setup must write some startup files to the follwing disk"...
    To continue installing windows XP, return to the partition selection screen and create a windows XP compatible partition on tje disk above..." :giddy:

    That means, "Same player, shoot again"

    So, as I asked already on a forum speaking my mother tongue and did not get any answer, maybe you will be able to help me...

    Thank you.
  2. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    unless you have 3rd party scsi or raid driver don't insert a floppy disk and press f6! just boot from the CD ROM via bios, and windows should run correctly. and after the initial setup, when your system reboots, go into the bios and set your system to boot from the HDD or you will be starting all over.
  3. Tartuffe_30

    Tartuffe_30 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It is SATA harddrive

    It is a SATA Harddrive, that means it is not a standard ATA/IDE Harddrive.
    For these reason, specific drivers have to be loaded before you can boot from CD-Rom in order to install Windows XP, because if not Windoze will not recognize at all the SATA drive and will not be able at all to install itself on it.

    So it is definitely mandatory to use the floppy in order to load drivers.

    By the way, I found the solution, here it is:
    If you have a IDE drive, use it... build it in as master, install Windoze XP once on this drive. As the setup of Windows will ask you where it has to be installed, think about pressing F6, in order to declare you have a SATA drive, to see later your SATA drive in Windows.

    Just install Partition Magique. Once in Partition Magique (I used 8.0) is installed, you will find the SATA drive you declared while setting up Windows. (if it had not been declared, you would have maybe to install a XP service pack which wastes some time.
    As you re in Partition Magique, format your SATA drive in primary partition.
    Shut down your computer.
    Remove your IDE/Normal ATA drive on which you've installed Windoze XP.
    Restart your computer, boot on the XP CD-Rom, Press F6 in order to declare again your SATA drive...

    And windows will find a primary NTFS partition, which you choose to install.
    Windoze will propose to format again this primary partition.

    As you want, you can install of format once again. But the master boot record will be kept on the SATA drive so Windows can install itself on the SATA.
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