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Instant Effects and ATI Enable Next Generation of Interactive Documents (2d/3d)

By Julio Franco
Jun 9, 2005
  1. Office FX® Professional and the ATI Interactive Media Player Make Advanced Media Creation and Distribution a Snap

    Las Vegas, Nevada – INFOCOMM 2005 (Booth #3881) - June 8, 2005 – Instant Effects, Inc, and ATI Technologies, Inc. (TSX:ATY)(NASDAQ:ATYT) today announced a collaborative solution that allows mainstream computer users to easily create and distribute broadcast quality interactive documents and presentations that combine text, 2D and 3D graphics, audio and High Definition video content. These advanced media files can then be delivered for real time interactive playback on any Microsoft® DirectX9 capable computer equipped with an ATI discrete graphics processing unit (GPU).

    Using Instant Effects’ OfficeFX Professional V2.1, advanced media presentations are authored directly inside Microsoft PowerPoint®. These presentations can incorporate the polished look of a network TV show or the magical appeal of Hollywood special effects. With its new Publish to FXD™ feature, OfficeFX Professional V2.1 packages the OfficeFX-enhanced interactive 3D presentation and all of its content into a file that can be played in the ATI Interactive Media Player – independent of both OfficeFX and PowerPoint. ATI will bring the marketing and presentation advantages of this new form of accessible integrated media to its customers by incorporating the ATI Interactive Media Player as part of its standard driver download and innovative Catalyst™ Control Center. Now, any computer equipped with ATI’s Interactive Media Player will be able to display integrated media files published in the FXD format. The broad distribution of the ATI Interactive Media Player will allow new media documents to be conveniently shared. The ATI Interactive Media Player distributed by ATI Technologies was developed by Instant Effects, Inc. as a branded FXD Player.

    Broad acceptance and utilization of advanced 3D graphics has formerly been confined to the games enthusiast market and to high end digital content creation (DCC) and Computer Assisted Design (CAD). While it is compelling, interactive 3D media has not been widely embraced by mainstream computer users in the past due in part because it was difficult to create and required specialty hardware to display. Continued innovation powered by graphics semiconductor vendors like ATI has escalated the performance of consumer priced graphics hardware to stunning levels over the past several years. Helping to drive a market shift, the partnership between Instant Effects and ATI arms computer users without advanced 3D design skills access to a new media platform where they can easily mix their own content. OfficeFX Professional delivers what has been missing with its universally understood PowerPoint workflow and unique media integration capability.

    The ATI Interactive Media Player will be available for download in the September release of the Catalyst Control Center at www.ati.com.
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