Integrated Intel extreme graphic to ATI Radeon 9200 PCI Problems help needed

By JarJar
Jan 29, 2005
  1. I currently have intels integrated exteme graphics on my computer, i have purchased and currently being shipped a ATI radeon 9200 PCI, Will any problems arise from this, how should i fix any error, and is this possible to be done? Thank you -jarrett
  2. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    Normally this is a pretty basic upgrade.It has been my experience ,that it is wise to switch your VGA drivers to Standard windows VGA drvers first and reboot .Then Shut down ,install your card . When you start up again go direct to your CMOS setup and disable onboard graphics and then save exit.
    Windows should recognize the card for driver install on that last restart.
    Please read your installation guide in case there is any issues to be aware of , and if there is any procedure I did not mention.
    Good luck
    Welcome to Techspot!
  3. james89000

    james89000 TS Rookie

    Hi my name is James

    I am running a Dell dimension 2400 with 256mb ram, celeron processer 2.4 ghz and Intel extreme graphics.

    I just brought a 256 mb PCI card made by powercolor,
    built with radeon 9200 technology. Not pci express just straight PCI

    I have encountered problems with my one,
    Maybe it is just with my computer.

    Goodluck to you JarJar and let me know how you got on with your card


    James =)
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