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Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2

By nana ยท 4 replies
Sep 20, 2005
  1. Is this video card sufficient to run SIMS games? I am thinking of purchasing a Dell with this card installed.
  2. vnf4ultra

    vnf4ultra TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,360

    It should run it if you get a processor(preferably a pentium 4 instead of a celeron) that's above 2ghz.
    Neither intel extreme 2 or sis mirage2 are good at games. I have integrated intel extreme 2 graphics in my one system. If I use it I get a score of about 4,000 points on aquamark3(about 4 frames per second, a real slideshow), but when I use my nvidia 6600 graphics card I get about 40,000 points, (about 40frames per second, a reasonable rate). The 6600 128mb is about 10X as fast as intel extreme2. The 6600 costs about $110 usd. You need an agp or pci-express port to use the graphics card though, which most cheap dell systems don't have(they can't be upgraded cheaply).
  3. AtK SpAdE

    AtK SpAdE TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,341

    Ok i guess technically it can run Sims 2. But I had enough trouble running it on my old 5200, i really dont think it will work. (at least at playable speeds_

  4. flashmonkey

    flashmonkey TS Rookie Posts: 102

    yea, definately stay away from any integrated video, its is the worst for playing any game (my friends 2ghz P4 with integrated sis can barely run CS 1.6) and you'll be kicking yourself later if you plan to be playing a few, if not any, games on a comp with integrated graphics.
  5. BringinHeat

    BringinHeat TS Rookie Posts: 139

    Intel's extreme graphics 2 can run sims on your computer without any issues though dont expect any eye candy or extreme performance. You are actually not paying anything extra for integrated graphics so you can choose to upgrade later if it isnt good enough for you.
    As a rule integrated graphics are usually not that great for gaming but since the game you want to play is not as intense as say a FPS you should be fine. The intel extreme graphics 2 is better than any previous generation of integrated graphics solution, i believe it supports upto direct x 9.0c.
    This is not a physical card on your pc and wont take up any of the expansion slots just make sure you ask the dell person if there is a pci express slot on the motherboard (since sum companies go cheap and dont have one on there gateway, emachine) so you can upgrade later if you choose to.
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