Intel 915GAV sound problem

By benhan
Feb 17, 2005
  1. :knock: Hi,
    I have Intel 915GAV motherboard and I have loaded with XP Professional and SP2. I don't have any conflict with any driver... but while installing audio driver from motherboard cd, it said 'there is a conflict in hardware and might not function properly'. My sound is outputting and I have Creative 4.1 speaker system. But the surround sound is not outputting, though I have connected one jack to Green and the other to Blue. :bounce:
    All musics are playing correctly, but not to my satisfaction since I am not getting the digital surround.
    I installed 'Microsft Plus Dancers' and when it starts, a message in system tray pops and says "Sound not detected", though songs are playing.
    Can anyone help me in finding and fixing in a right manner? Thanks a lot.

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