Intel and Samsung show off slideable display for future laptops

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TL;DR: Samsung has shown off what it is calling the world's first slideable display for PCs. The brief product demo was handled by Samsung Display CEO JS Choi and took place on day one of the Intel Innovation 2022 conference in San Jose, California. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said he was impressed when he was shown a prototype in South Korea and instantly saw the potential for a platform. Choi believes it represents a future PC trend.

The standalone display looks no different than an ordinary tablet but "slides" open to expand into a larger 17-inch display.

Details of the display technology weren't shared but it looks virtually identical to the rollable display tech we've seen in recent years, just with a tighter roll that enables the sliding illusion. It's a lot like the canceled LG rollable phone we recently highlighted.

Are laptops with sliding displays coming? Probably. Are they practical? I'd say more so than a smartphone.

A laptop with an expandable screen would directly correlate to increased productivity, assuming the OS can dynamically adjust the system's resolution to provide more real estate instead of just stretching the image to fill the extra space. Such a display could effectively reduce a laptop's physical footprint but I'm not sure how it would impact overall product weight.

Cost could be another concern – if it's too expensive, those seeking more screen real estate could just decide to opt for a portable display instead to save some cash. That route wouldn't be as portable or convenient but it might save a lot of money to spend on other accessories like a nicer laptop bag or a better standalone mouse.

There's no guarantee that Samsung will take it any farther. Then again, I doubt Intel would have let them show it off if they didn't have concrete plans for it.

Day two of the Intel Innovation 2022 conference takes place today. Intel has a livestream over on its website for those interested in following along in real time.

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Cool tech... when they can get it to reliably roll into and out of something in its entirety like the shape of a pen, then we'll really be gaining something. Imagine a pen phone that's about 2x the size of a dry erase marker, only to roll out a 8 inch 19:10 ratio touchscreen. Probably a very delicate mechanism but a lengthy R&D cycle could yield us something that is decent.


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Looks cool - liked how it seemed continuous - was funny see was a work out device as well - he prepped himself for a lot of effort and grab strength