Intel Core 2 sometimes sluggish with nothing running

By bjg222
Jul 27, 2007
  1. I just put together my new computer, but it's acting strange at times. The computer has the following:

    MB: Asus P5K WiFi-AP
    CPU: Core 2 Duo 6420
    RAM: 2 GB OCZ Dual Channel 1066 Hz (2 x 1 GB DIMM)
    GPU: XFX GeForce 8800 GTS
    HS: WD 160 GB
    CD-ROM & Floppy: these drives came w/ the Gateway computer that occupied the case before this computer!

    I just put it together and installed windows, so there are no programs on it except the drivers for the hardware and the ASUS utilities provided with my mother board. It starts up nice and quickly, but shortly after windows starts, the computer becomes sluggish for a few seconds (The cursor stutters as it moves, etc), then returns to normal. The odd thing is that there are no programs running, and the process list shows nothing in the background is using the processor, but one of the processors is completely occupied. It always does this shortly after startup, and sometimes does this later on too, though there doesn't seem to be any reason. I included some screen shots that have more information.

    spike.jpg: screen shot of CPU graphs showing one processor completely occupied for a brief period of time. The computer wasn't doing anything in particular during that time.
    proc.jpg: screen shot of the processes showing what was running at the time.
    1.jpg: Screen shot during one of these periods, showing Idle Process at 98%, but CPU Usage at 50% (processor graphs shown at top).
    2.jpg: Screen shot following 1.jpg after computer returned to normal.
    3.jpg: Another screen shot of the processor list during such a period (idle = 99, CPU usage = 47)

    Edit: A quick clarification: The computer boots fine, all the processes load. Once everything is loaded, within 5 minutes it will always do it, usually for about 20-30 seconds at a time. Sometimes it does it multiple times, then sometimes it'll do it later on. It's basically one of the cores running at 100% for a period of time with nothing running.
  2. bjg222

    bjg222 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok, well, the problem seems to be "fixed". (Knocks on wood!) I went through and disabled as many startup options as I could, and it didn't seem to help. I unistalled as many of the drivers as i could and basically stripped it down to a nearly fresh install, also to no avail. So I reformatted and reinstalled XP, and it seems to be fine now. I've reinstalled the drivers (but not any of the utility programs) one by one trying to find out which one caused the computer to lag, and none of them created any problems. So as far as I can tell, it was either one of the ASUS utility programs, or it was some kind of fluke!
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