Intel Core i9-12900K spotted with unique retail packaging


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I am correct. Your thinking is incorrect. We pay much more for CPUs now than we did in 2017. There was a bigger than $50 price hike for the 5000 series. It was $50 more expensive than the 3000XT series, which in turn was more than $50 more expensive than the original prices of the 3000 series.

Both companies have two tiers, AMD has Ryzen and TR. both cost more than Intel charged for their tiers by more than double. Intels most expensive i9 HEDT came in at less than half the price of the 64 core 3990X.

We would have had 6 cores from Intel in 2019 at the latest had Ryzen not arrived. It’s incorrect and delisional to believe that AMD forced Intels hand and that we would not have more than 4 cores by now. Intels 6 and 8 core parts would have been in development most likely before FX released, which were of course quad core parts falsely advertised as 8 cores (tut tut AMD).

The fact is that AMD are driving prices higher than Intel ever did. Can you blame them, they spend 90% if the time with an inferior product to Intel and they want to capitalise on this short period that they will are ahead. The last time AMD were ahead of Intel was 16 years ago!

If you would like to know more DM me, I’d be more than happy to educate you further about this market.
And yet all facts point towards what I said. I don't get how you can be so wrong and yet so convinced that you are right. Are you incapable of doing a simple google search? Or are you just trolling me with some elaborate prank?

For example, the 1700x had an MSRP of 400$, the 2700x had an MSRP of 329$ and the 3700x had an MSRP of 329$. --> this simple google search pretty much invalidates everything you wrote.

Another thing wrong you wrote which is easy to disprove: the most expensive HEDT Intel i9 CPU came in at 2000$ and it was crap (i9 9980xe, 18 cores for 2000$). 3rd gen Threadripper pretty much ripped Intel a new one and even after cutting the prices in half (i9 10980xe, 18 cores for 1000$), Intel still lost in terms of value/$ against AMD (it was competing with the cheaper R9 3950x instead of TR).
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It's probably plasticized cardboard. That way, you can chop down trees, and screw up the environment with plastics simultaneously.

It's like, "killing two birds with one chainsaw". (y) (Y)
Have you ever used a chainsaw? They are unwieldy, you couldn’t kill a bird with one, they’re too nimble. Maybe a cornered Turkey?


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Have you ever used a chainsaw? They are unwieldy, you couldn’t kill a bird with one, they’re too nimble. Maybe a cornered Turkey?
Dude, the "bird" was a metaphor for a tree. When posting, I always favor outrageous over accuracy..

In reality, that post was both outrageous and accurate. You probably would kill a couple of birds if you chopped down the tree they lived in. I think the ecologically minded call it, "loss of habitat".:p.

Anyhoo, even I know it would be damned near impossible to kill a bird with a chainsaw directly. Which is why I always feed a few of the stray cats in my neighborhood. You just keep them healthy enough to hunt, and all of a sudden, you stop waking up to pigeon crap on your windscreen.

The only avian species here in, "da hood", are English sparrows, starlings, and pigeons. None of the foregoing are protected. In fact (IIRC), starlings are considered an "invasive species"..

Although, I do see a crow from time to time. If he, (or she), ever comes back, I think I'll name it "Brandon". ;)

ATTENTION: No actual "song birds" or endangered species were harmed in the making of this post
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Come on man, we have herons. Have you not seen the animals of farthing wood?
Is that anywhere bear Sherwood forest? :confused:

I have seen herons though, There's a small federal wildlife refuge right, "across the street", from PHL There are red tails there as well. They're fairly efficient in keeping pigeons and seagulls out of the jet intakes..

I haven't heard of any bird strike accidents happen there, ever. (Which not to say nobody's ever lost an engine on takeoff, I just never heard about it).

I can say with conviction, nobody's ever drilled the holiday inn right outside the airport, with a DC-10. I'm sure then local news would have grabbed that and run with it for days, if not weeks.
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