Intel Core i9-13900KF QS benchmarked at 6.1 GHz using liquid cooling


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What just happened? A popular tech content creator recently acquired a Qualification Sample (QS) of the Intel Core i9-13900KF and put it through some tests. He compared it to Intel's Alder Lake equivalent processor, the i9-12900KF, to show the performance gains that Raptor Lake will bring to the table. The results were incredible, especially when overclocked with a liquid cooler.

As the launch of Intel's new 13th-generation Raptor Lake processor approaches, more and more benchmarks and leaks are finding their way online. Recently Extreme Player, a popular content creator on the Chinese social media site Bilibili, got his hands on a Qualification Sample of Intel's flagship processor, the Core i9-13900KF.

Extreme Player tested the new processor against Intel's powerhouse Alder Lake i9-12900KF processors. He wanted to observe how the processor handled liquid-cooled overclocking. The processor passed a CPU-Z benchmark with all performance cores clocked at 6.1 GHz.

He then tested the processor in Cinebench, and the results were staggering. The processor managed a Cinebench multi-core score of 42,790 with all performance cores clocked at 5.8 GHz, blowing the i9-12900KF's 26,939 out of the water in multi-core benchmarks. The water-cooled i9-13900KF also scored over 5,000 more points than its air-cooled scores. The Raptor Lake processor showed a 72% increase compared to the i9-12900KF in CPU-Z scores.

Extreme Player noted that on his Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Apex, the performance cores were incredibly stable at 5.8 GHz in Cinebench testing, as well as 6.1 GHz in CPU-Z benchmarks. The efficiency cores were also steady at 4.7 GHz in Cinebench testing while running at 5.2 GHz stably in CPU-Z.

These tests give users a preview of what to expect from Intel's upcoming processor generation, with noticeable improvements in performance and potential clock speeds. However, it is fair to take these results with a grain of salt, as this is a Qualification Sample processor, not an officially released processor for consumers. Nonetheless, the performance is promising, and consumers should be excited and hopeful.

Image credit: Extreme Player

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Hard to tell for sure but sounds like the cooling solution he is using is closer to exotic overclocking competition gear than what enthusiasts will have even in high-end builds.

Either way this is sure a big improvement from the recent past when the leaks were along the lines of "still more of the same...".


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Something is fishy here.

They are overpromising, and when they won't deliver they won't care.

Just wait for the release of the CPU. I would bet it won't perform at 6.2 for day-to-day use.

...and consumers should be excited and hopeful. - The last sentence sounds just like a paid ad for some reason.


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Plus with all those cores to run the virus checker, malware checker, dropbox syncher, update checkers, email checker, facebook notification checker, all the other notification checkers, instrumentation etc, there might be enough left over to do some actual work!


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Only 6.1 Ghz on liquid cooling is understandable for such a hot and power hungry processor, though quite acceptable for the fancy oven which overclocked 13900k will be.

Mr Majestyk

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With great speed comes even greater power consumption. 13900K has a 350W mode. Sounds like desperation from Intel to win at any cost and go for broke on clocks, power be damned (and the earth).


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Water chiller != water cooler.

That CPU was probably pulling 400W in cinebench...
Well, it's kind of the only way Intel can reclaim the performance crown though. They have to pull incredible amounts of power so they can say "We're 3% faster than AMD in gaming!".


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Its good to see higher clocks, but as with this and the new gpus coming out this year get ready to heat your rooms. or I mean get a dedicated air conditioner to cool your pc room.


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Intel can claim what they like the reviews won't lie. This is all a PR stunt as Intel's recent financial report was the worst one on record. This stunt is for the shareholders.


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Same copium abuse that was going on pre-release for Alder Lake. If you want more compute power, its going to require more energy. Nothing is for free. Computer power usage has been going up since day one, unless some new paradigm is found that will continue.


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They should just hook it up to a hot plate so it could cook your breakfast or keep your coffee hot while they're at it.


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"...and consumers should be excited and hopeful" about AMD's upcoming Zen 4, getting announced a week from now, on August 29th.

And you shall not tell me or any other consumer what I should feel like.
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