Intel duel core 2.8 WON'T START

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Apr 4, 2007
  1. Please somebody help me.

    Just built own machine finished last thursday.
    Started fine with no problems and happily working for 3 days.
    Along comes sunday when clever me decides to download and install XP PRO x64 Trial software.

    Programe ran fine but then i realize my broadband software (Orange) isn't 64bit compliant and my comp won't find the USB for the ADSL connection. Strangley enough nor was my Symantec anti-virus that was supplied on the mobo disc.

    I assumed the right thing to do was re-install my original xp pro and so off i went.

    The computer was installing from the installation disc so I left it to run it's course, to find that when i returned there was just a dark blank screen and the system not responding.

    I rebooted the comp but only the tower lights came on with no sound of life.
    Have checked all the usuall, cables, connections ect

    Thought maybe psu so bought new 350w. Now I hear movement but still no screen and dvd/cd not working (unless i take memory out) in which case cd drive works but still no screen and no beeps either.

    Not monitor as am using that now with my old comp.

    Does anyone have an idea
  2. Tedster

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    your hard disk registry perhaps is corrupt. can you boot in safe mode?
  3. captaincranky

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    This a merely something to consider....

    Let's assume this isn't a hardware issue. If I had a computer that was only three days old and chock full of stray bits and pieces of incompatible software, like say "big yellow", the anti-virus virus, and 32 + 64 bit Windows,(does that make 96 bit Windows?), I'd jack a copy of drive scrubber 3 (Iolo) into the machine, if only to see if the monitor would light. If not, then plan B; jack a new hard drive into the machine install only one copy of XP on it, and then plug the second (original) drive in, then run drive scrubber on it. I'm almost envisioning resetting the BIOS too, since at the moment we don't actually if the CD drive is still being recognized.
    But, then I suppose I like to do things the hard way, so wait for somebody else to weigh in as well.
  4. Computer~freak~

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    If none of the suggestions works just get a new hard drive.
  5. webwizard

    webwizard TS Rookie Topic Starter

    can't understand why cd drive won't work when ram is in but will when taken out? Can now hear my h/d starting since changing psu but still no screen. Old psu was fine by the way, using it on this comp aswell as monitor. asume just wasn't powerful enough as was only 300w but the new one is only 350w. could it be that it still needs more juice? but after saying all of that.... why would it work at all for 3 days if the original problem is the cpu. but then why no power other than fans and lights until i change from 300 to 350w.

    Anyone know a nice high bridge round here? Think i'm losing the will to
  6. captaincranky

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    Boy & Computer Make Headlines.....

    The BIOS (board memory) doesn't need RAM (it has "flash memory") so, the BIOS can recognize the CD drive. At this point, however, If I understood you, you installed 1 operating system on top of another. Ahem, that's generally not a good idea. (unless you actually set up a boot loader, drive partitions). I'm wondering why you don't have any information (or more questions) on the advice that was given, instead of deciding it's something else. The BIOS recognizes the CD, your corrupt OS may decide it's not there after it starts to load. If you scrub the HDD, the machine will boot directly to BIOS and you can start over, happily mis-installing software until you break something. If I were a compassionate soul, I would say don't jump, but read the screen name. I say at least make it a murder suicide and take the %$#^ computer with you.
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